Big Bang Boom!

  • Branding
  • Collateral Design

Big Bang Boom! is a cabaret troupe with a cult following that performs monthly in Orlando, Florida. As word of mouth and printed fliers are their only real forms of advertising, the brand as well as their posters must be inventive and enticing while delivering every essential piece of information clearly and concisely. As the performers channel cabaret dancers and pieces from the 1940s and 50s, the logo reflects those eras while maintaining the modern performance and energy of the monthly shows.

Big Bang Boom Logo
Big Bang Boom Business Cards
Promoting the performances

The main objective when designing collateral for this company's monthly shows is to communicate clearly the theme, time and location for each. As the posters will be seen by many simply passing by with little time to stop, the information must be both eye-catching and clearly visible.

Big Bang Boom 'Hip Hop'
Big Bang Boom 'Erotica'
Big Bang Boom 'Twilight Zone'
Big Bang Boom 'Welcome to Florida'