Identity & Print

A quarterly print and digital publication with a focus  on the cinema greats, Extended Edition makes its debut by highlighting both Alfred Hitchcock, a founding father in the thriller genre, as well as Saul Bass, graphic design great. As more than a magazine, each issue of Extended Edition is a dedication to one legend of the film industry.

Extended Edition targets a specific audience: those who’s title goes beyond “movie buff” and delves deeper in to that of film connoisseur.

The purpose of this magazine is to showcase the excitement of the silver screen; to display the greatest historical moments in cinema in a fresh way. Extended Edition will itself become a lasting member of the industry.

The style of this particular issue is in dedication to Saul Bass, a pioneer in the field of graphic design as well as an assett to the brilliance of director Alfred Hitchock, the muse of Extended’s first issue.

As it is meant to be an extension of the silver screen, this magazine has been printed on a heavy, gloss stock.

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